Don't You Dare Tell Me You Can't

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Don't You Dare Tell Me You Can't

Don't you dare tell me it's too hard and that you "can't."

Holding a baby on your hip watching your vehicle being taken a way, that's hard.

Teaching full time, taking 6 grad classes, raising 3 toddlers while growing another human being, taking on photography on the side to make ends meet but still can't, starting your own business while you already have negative hours in the day (all at the very same time), that's hard.

Watching your mother suffer from your stepfather's suicide, that's hard.

Battling depression, that's hard.

Being told you lost your baby, that's hard.

Going through natural childbirth, that's hard.

Burying an angel who walked this earth and you had the privilege to call them yours, that's hard.

Working through a marriage that should have crumbled, that's hard.

Being abused physically and emotionally, that's hard.

Your first memory that you will never be able to erase is seeing your fragile mother being thrown to the ground, that's hard.

Being overweight and binge eating with no control, that's hard.

Drinking 6 or 7 nights a week because you have zero self worth, that's hard.

Being uprooted multiple times a year and not knowing where you'll be living the next day, that's hard.

Passing over a newborn to leave them far too early, to go off to a job that doesn't even pay you to afford the childcare and the heartache of someone else basically raising your baby, that's hard.

But guess what?

We're stronger than we think.

We can beat "hard".

We can do more than we think we are ever capable of.

The above is my truth, Friends, so don't you dare say it's too hard, that you "can't." That you don't have enough time. That you don't have enough strength...that you're too far off.

We are capable.

We are able.

If you're reading this, YOU, are more than likely working through your own "hard".

But realize you can, you WILL conquer it...

Remember, just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, that's when it transformed into a butterfly 🙏🏼

We have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of our life. Ask God to move the mountains, have faith He will do it, act as if He has already done it, and begin living out your

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